freezer overload

So, by now you probably know that the shelties are on a raw diet. Have you ever wondered how much food they and consume in a week?? Well, see for yourselves, have a peek into our freezer..



 got a shock?? that was my first reaction too.The whole upper half of my fridge is filled with enough food to last them a week! Yes,thats right, all things meat you see in the freezer belong  to them.And to think that never did i expect my fridge to be filled with doggy food ..






who's that??

who's that??

picture perfect

ok, there’ll be no words or rants today, just heaps and tons of photos!!

tiding over

sorry i haven’t been updating regularly. Been busy with all mock exams given to us everyday.

Ok , lets get down to business. Ichigo’s been better during his walks…but hmmm, maybe it’s because i avoid crowded places when i walk him . He still gets rather agitated when there are children and cyclists around but it’s not as serious as last week, it only lasts for afew seconds. I finally got him to eat while he’s outdoors! and thanks for the book michelle, that really helped alot , i’ll try to return it as soon as possible (still reading).

As for agression at home well, now is the perfect time for me to train him as my grandmother will be staying with us for 4 days, plenty of time !shelties


ok, i can’t take it anymore. Ichigo’s been trying to lunge at every single person who gets near him. Bringing him down for walks has become a dreaded task. What to do??? Get a trainer??

a diagnosis

It finally came to me last night, after seeing how ichigo tried to attack random joggers and childern during our walks and alos how he tried to jump up, baring teeth and growling at my friends yesterday, i can conclude that ichigo has fear agression.So i went to read up about fear agression.

Fear or nervous agression is due to lack of the human’s leadership in the ‘pack’ . The dog in the ‘pack’  know instinctively that there must be a leader for the ‘pack’ to survive. Ichigo’s ferocious attitude towards strangers is probably his way to repelling intruders  he believes poses a threat to his ‘pack’.and what i saw as an assistance was probably the opposite for him.

Tackling the problem :

Establishing leadership is important.So the moment i enter the house, there should be no acknowledgement towards the dog. That means no eye contact and no touching.This will convey to it that i pose no threat.

Amichien bonding :

Amichien bonding takes the form of  four seperate elements.Each correlates to specific times when the pack’s hierarchy is established and underlined. On each occasion , the dog is confronted with a question which we must answer on it’s behalf

-When the pack reunites after a seperation, who is the boss now?

-When the pack eats, what order do they eat in?

-When the pack is under attack or there is a fear of  danger, who is going to protect them?

-When the pack goes on a hunt,who is going to lead them?

All four elements must take place in conjunction with each other, and must be repeated constantly, day in, day out.The dog must, in effect,be blitzed with signals. It needs to learn that it is not it’s job to care for the house, that all it has to do is sit back and lead a comfortable life. It’s a mantra that must be repeated over and over again. Only then will the dog get the message that itis no longer in charge; only then it will be able to exercise the most powerful form of control, self-control.

I’ll post more on the four questions in the next post. Please feel free to add up on anything i missed out.

 [taken from, The dog listener, Jan Fennell]

on one of those rainy days, the dogs were fast asleep enjoying the coldness. They were sleeping behind me and when i turned back, guess what i saw?

sleeping in same positions!!!

sleeping in same positions!!!


seriously, did they plan this??

Oh and Tarou(formerly lyric) will be in the show on 2nd August!